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Mississippi Justice Information Center
CJIS Launch Pad
CJIS Documents
 Auditor - Forms and Things (8)
 Activation Form  Certification Form
 CJIS Information Letter  CJIS Security Policy 5.9
 District Map  Holder of The Record Agreement
 III Misuse Acknowledgment Form  III Sign Out
 IT Security Compliance Document  MJIC Database Verification and Update Form
 MS Group Codes  N-DEX Agency Coordinator Form
 N-DEX Policy and Operating Manual 4.0  N-DEx Workshop
 NCIC 2019 Fall Newsletter Final  NEWSLETTER
 NexTest Login  NLETS Presentation by Teri Fournier-Harsin
 Password Re-Set Form  SSNs by State
 Study Guide  TAC Form
 TAC Responsibilities  Test Records
 Training Outling - Full Access  Training Outling - Inquiry Access
 Validation Procedures
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